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LACMA CEO Shares Independence Day Message of Gratitude for Physicians

As fireworks light up the night sky and the scent of barbecues fills the air, the 4th of July is a cherished celebration of American independence.

While the nation revels in the patriotic festivities, I wanted to take a moment to appreciate the tireless dedication and sacrifice of our nation, our state, and Los Angeles County physicians. You are modern-day heroes who work diligently to preserve our health and well-being, ensuring that we can fully embrace the freedom and joy this day represents. Today, let us reflect on the profound impact you and your colleagues have on our lives and honor you for your unwavering commitment.

Guardians of Life

As physicians, you embody the spirit of the 4th of July as you uphold the core values of liberty, justice, and compassion in this noble profession. Just as the founding fathers fought for the freedom to shape a better nation, physicians are the guardians of our lives, advocating for our well-being and health. You are tirelessly working day and night, placing your patients' needs above your own, and relentlessly pursue knowledge and innovation to ensure the best possible care.

Embracing Humanity

The practice of medicine encompasses not only science but also the understanding and connection between physicians and patients. On this day of independence, we must recognize the immense empathy and compassion that physicians bring to their work. You embrace our vulnerabilities, providing solace, reassurance, and healing. Your commitment to our well-being extends far beyond physical health; you mend our spirits and offer hope, reminding us of the enduring strength of the human spirit.

The Sacrifice of Service

While many of us gather with loved ones to commemorate our freedom, physicians often forego these joyous occasions to ensure the health and safety of their communities. You stand at the frontlines during emergencies, sacrificing precious time with family and friends to attend to those in need. This unwavering dedication and selflessness shine as beacons of hope, exemplifying the true meaning of service. On this day, as we enjoy the privileges of liberty, let us honor the sacrifices you make daily for the betterment of society.

Triumph over Adversity

The 4th of July reminds us of the resilience and determination that built our nation. In a similar vein, physicians face countless challenges and triumph over adversity in their pursuit of healing. You battle diseases, navigate complex medical landscapes, and shoulder the weight of immense responsibility. Yet, your unwavering resolve remains unyielding.

The spirit of independence drives you to persist in the face of uncertainty, bringing hope and healing to countless lives.

As fireworks illuminate the night sky on the 4th of July, let us pause and acknowledge the immense contribution of our members and your colleagues to our lives and the nation. Your collective commitment to healing and the well-being of others mirrors the spirit of independence that we commemorate. It is through your tireless efforts, compassion, and sacrifices that we can revel in the freedoms and joys this day represents.

This Independence Day, I’d like to express our profound gratitude to all physicians, honoring them for their unwavering dedication and inspiring us to live our lives in the pursuit of a healthier, happier world.

(Inspired by this week’s column in Physician Outlook Magazine)

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