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COVID-19 Rapid Response Initiative

While LACMA has been a meaningful resource and a powerful voice for physicians for 150 years, the past year has demonstrated just how valuable membership truly is.


LACMA launched its COVID-19 Rapid Response Initiative immediately following the declaration of the pandemic, and since March of 2020, LACMA has offered its unwavering support to practices and physicians. As just a part of this initiative, LACMA has delivered more than $13,000,000 worth of PPE and supplies to local physicians and is:


  • Having weekly, often daily personal communications with FQ and small practice members as they reach out for assistance, collaboration or resources

  • Providing direct problem solving relative to PPE supplies, Vaccine Equity, Legislative and Advocacy issues

  • Organizing Physician Wellness resources with LACMA Preferred Partners, MD Lifeline (physician retreats), and soon, Mayo Well Being Index

  • Delivering branding and Public Relations support via Events and Legislator connection

  • Facilitating the establishment of CMA/FQHC Mode of Practice to further support, leverage and align the vision of both organizations and the requirements of members


In the third phase of our COVID-19 Rapid Response Initiative LACMA is working closely with clinics, hospitals, and Federally Qualified Health Centers to get the PPEs directly in the hands of their providers, as well as those individuals getting vaccinated and going forward, we will  partner with more groups to get supplies to home bound seniors as well.

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