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Hundreds of physicians gather for CMA's 50th Annual Legislative Advocacy Day

LACMA sent nearly 40 physicians, residents and students to the 50th annual Legislative day held at the Capitol in Sacramento April 9-10 that resulted in over 22 separate meetings with key legislators and staff members. Specific legislation impacting physicians, the ability to practice medicine and deliver high quality care was discussed such as Senate Bill 516  (Skinner) Pre-Authorization, SB 1120 (Becker) Physician Oversight and the latest on the historic MCO Tax initiative which will result (if passed) with increased payments for Medi-Cal providers.


Overall, more than 400 physicians from across the state participated in more than 85 meetings with legislators, passionately sharing stories and urging them to prioritize policies that benefit patients and strengthen the medical profession. Their advocacy efforts focused on ensuring Californians have access to quality healthcare services.


Thank you to the incredible L.A. County Physicians, Residents and Students who attended the annual event and passionately advocated on behalf of their patients.


Special thanks to the LACMA team: Lisa Le, Vice President, for orchestrating meetings, dinner, accommodations and logistics; Henry Rogers, Government Relations, for assisting with legislative agendas, Sheri Carr, Vice President, Liz Fogle, Membership Coordinator and Nick Fisher, Communications, for managing communications, social media and more!

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