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Welcome to LACMA

You Take Care of Patients.

We Take Care of You.

Your Membership is Working For You, For Your Patients. For Your Practice.


LACMA offers valuable resources and assistance to both individual physicians and organizations by providing them with data insights, networking events, and an extensive range of information that is consistently at the forefront of industry developments, enabling them to make informed decisions.


Even if you haven't had the opportunity to take advantage of LACMA's direct benefits, your membership is still hard at work from the first day of you join. LACMA and CMA advocate for issues affecting physicians, practices, and patients and assists members in meeting the challenges posed by today’s rapidly evolving healthcare environment.


Your membership directly supports these efforts, and we are stronger because of it. Unlike any other organization, LACMA's focuses exclusively on supporting physicians and their staff that serve our unique, complex, and diverse community.

Knee Joint Examination

Solo and Small Practice

Your LACMA membership provides invaluable resources and a team of support that lets you focus on what’s really important: your patients.

Doctor and Patient

Employed Physicans

Career and leadership development, savings and discounts, and wellness resources are just some of the ways LACMA serves its employed physicians.

Training for medical professionals

Medical Students & Residents

FREE MEMBERSHIP! Shape the future of medicine with leadership and advocacy training, professional development, mentorship, and more!

Doctor and Patient


Include your important voice in advocacy efforts on behalf of LA physicians and the patients they serve, and deliver exclusive support and benefits to your physicians.

Medical Team

Medical Groups

LACMA is your premier strategic partner in tackling challenges such as leadership development, wellness, and advocacy for medical groups and practices of all sizes.

Patients Waiting For Doctor


Putting physicians at the core of everything we do, the benefits of LACMA membership demonstrate your commitment to those who serve patients on the frontlines of healthcare.

If you are considering LACMA membership, we would like to warmly welcome you. For more than 150 years, LACMA has served the physicians of Los Angeles County, and we are thrilled that you want to be a part of that legacy.

As LACMA and CMA member, you have access to a powerful network of resources and professional staff to help you protect your practice from business, legal, legislative, and regulatory intrusions. Your membership lets you focus on what’s really important: your patients.

While your membership serves to support work and advocacy by LACMA and CMA on behalf of the entire physician community, it also provides access to incredibly valuable personal and practice solutions, support, and opportunities that are available only to LACMA members


By serving our members in strategic and meaningful ways, our membership will grow. As our membership grows, our effectiveness in negotiating with partners, on your behalf, increases. Those increasingly valuable benefits provided by our partners reinforce the health of our members and their businesses. The stronger and healthier LACMA and our members are, the more effective we become.


This welcome kit provides easy access to some of the most valuable benefits of your new membership. We hope you take the time to explore this site and utilize the numerous resources provided to you. 


You Take Care of Patients. We Take Care of You.

LACMA Solutions
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