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How to Identify, Present Top Talent to Hiring Managers

Recruiters and HR leaders are under a lot of pressure to identify top talent to present to hiring managers. However, some traits and behaviors can slip past even the most rigorous screening process: recruiters can screen for skills, culture fit, and many personality traits, but without the ability to predict the future, they can’t always identify candidates who may turn out to be low performers.

Low performers can have multiple negative effects on an organization. Primarily, they lower the morale of the entire workplace. But they also “[contribute] to a lack of initiative and motivation, resulting in a work culture where mediocrity is accepted” and add to the workload of high performers.

One effective strategy for handling low performers is to address their behavior during a probationary period. Unfortunately, low performers often don’t exhibit that behavior until after their first 90 days on the job (and sometimes high performers can become low performers). Therefore it’s important that managers and supervisors understand how to address a low performer once they have been identified.

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