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AMA's Organizational Biopsy: Identifying and Addressing Physician Burnout in Healthcare

According to data exclusive to the AMA through its Organizational Biopsy®, the overall reported burnout rate among U.S. physicians last year was 53%. While practice inefficiencies and organizational culture are the principal drivers of physician burnout, it can be difficult for healthcare organizations to know where they stand and what steps they can take to reduce physician burnout and improve well-being.

An AMA assessment tool that covers key performance indicators can help.

The AMA’s Organizational Biopsy (PDF) offers a set of services for health systems and organizations. This includes an assessment tool developed to support holistically measuring and taking action to improve well-being in an organization.

Four main domains are assessed through the Organizational Biopsy:

  • Organizational culture such as leadership, teamwork, and trust.

  • Practice efficiency, which includes workflows, team structure, and stability.

  • Self-care such as managing post-traumatic stress and work-life balance.

  • Retention, which means keeping physicians at your organization.

After an assessment is complete, organizations receive an executive summary of their key findings and access to their health system’s Organizational Biopsy data through an online reporting platform. This platform also includes national comparison data that is exclusive to the AMA and not published anywhere else. It reflects the trends in six key performance indicators—job satisfaction, job stress, burnout, intent to leave an organization, feeling valued by an organization, and total hours spent per week on work-related activities (known as “time spent”).

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