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Timely Record Documentation Can HelpAvoid Lawsuits


One cautionary tale of failing to comply with timely documentation involves a physician who received an after-hours call from a patient complaining of a severe headache. The physician instructed the patient to go to the emergency room (ER) for an evaluation. The patient responded, "Okay," but never went to the ER as instructed and had a massive cerebrovascular accident (CVA) later that night.

Read more in the following “Case of the Month,” published by the Cooperative of American Physicians (CAP).

CAP, a leading provider of medical malpractice coverage for California physicians, offers members a wide array of risk management and practice management benefits, such as these free resources, to help them run safe and successful practices.

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Medical professional liability coverage is provided to CAP members through the Mutual Protection Trust (MPT), an unincorporated interindemnity arrangement organized under Section 1280.7 of the California Insurance Code.

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