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Testing AI to Combat Physician Burnout

OpenAI developed ChatGPT, which launched in November as a prototype, using multiple learning methodologies. Human trainers, in collaboration with Microsoft on Azure's supercomputing infrastructure, created reward models to improve its performance.

Such generative artificial intelligence could help streamline administrative tasks in healthcare, and Doximity is testing that with its customized creation of DocsGPT.

The company says the online bot, in beta, could help doctors "cut the scut" that raises their burnout levels. By giving it a try, users can help make the model better.

"We know how busy physicians are and recognize that administrative burden is a leading contributor to burnout," Dr. Nate Gross, cofounder and chief strategy officer of Doximity, told Healthcare IT News by email.

Physicians can use the free DocsGPT to prepare referrals, certificates of medical necessity and prior authorization requests or to write a letter about a medical condition. A growing menu of prompts offers many options, and users can type in a custom request.

"Our mission is to help physicians be more productive so they can focus on what matters the most – spending more time with their patients."

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