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Strategies for Retaining and Improving Company Culture

As organizations struggle to deal with the Great Resignation, the thirst for business growth has led some of them to engage in talent poaching and to offer massive incentives for employees to leave their current employers. Those employers must be doing something right if their competition sees value in their workers, but now they need to step up their game to keep those good employees around. Retaining top-performing staff is certainly a much better business strategy than trying to convince them to come back after they’ve left: not only does it keep top talent on board, but it also saves the time and money involved in backfilling roles. Fortunately, there are some tried-and-true strategies companies can use to help cultivate and retain a thriving workforce.

First, learn to recognize complacency. A company with long-term employees that is not experiencing as much growth as it would expect based on its resources should be asking its leadership team some tough questions: “How has our organization improved lately?” and “When was our last real success?” If the answers to these questions point too much to the past, the organization not only has a problem with hitting its goals but also has a workplace culture that has accepted these flatlining results. When team members are okay with the company’s progress (or lack thereof), that’s a problem. When team members have been loyal to the company in the past, their willingness to accept the company’s progress (or lack thereof) puts employers in a tough spot when those employers care deeply about both honoring loyal employees’ contributions and maximizing the organization’s potential.

With the right approach, though, organizations don’t have to sacrifice loyalty for performance. By implementing some (or all) of the following 13 creative strategies, companies can increase their ability to grow and retain great employees.

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