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LACPAC Update from Chair Dr. George Fouras

The Los Angeles County Medical Association Political Action Committee (LACPAC), guided by a commitment to shaping a future that aligns with the ideals and vision of LACMA's philosophy on healthcare and medical practice, plays a pivotal role in the political landscape. Functioning by physicians for physicians, LACPAC's influence extends to supporting numerous candidates in state and local office who echo our shared visions.


As we approach the March 2024 primary, LACPAC has conducted extensive candidate interviews, especially considering the half dozen open seats in Los Angeles County. Our recommendations, shaped by careful analysis and alignment with healthcare priorities, are as follows:


Assembly District 41 Endorsement: John Harabedian


Assembly District 41 (AD41) is a key area encompassing parts of San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties, including diverse communities from La Verne to parts of Duarte. The district, leaning Democratic, is currently open with the terming out of incumbent Democrat Chris Holden. It's a region deeply intertwined with environmental and transportation concerns.


John Harabedian, our endorsed candidate for AD41, stands out with his robust public service background, including roles as a California State Board President, attorney, and former mayor. His campaign pillars—mental health investment, housing affordability, reproductive rights, and gun violence prevention—are crucial for healthcare. Furthermore, his stance on climate change and renewable energy reflects a commitment to public health.


Assembly District 44: No Endorsement


Assembly District 52 Endorsement: Jessica Caloza


AD52, covering parts of Glendale and Northeast Los Angeles, is a predominantly Democratic and Latino-majority district. With incumbent Democrat Wendy Carrillo not seeking re-election, this district is poised for new representation.


Jessica Caloza, our choice for AD52, showcases a strong track record in public service, including her roles with President Obama on educational policies and as L.A. Public Works Commissioner. Her platform, encompassing reproductive freedom, affordable housing, environmental protection, and public education, resonates with the healthcare community's emphasis on public health.


Senate District 25: No Endorsement


Senate District 35 Endorsement: Michelle Chambers


SD35, defined by its Black, low-income, and working-class demographics, is confronted with environmental and housing challenges. Michelle Chambers, with her history in public service and connections to healthcare through the Nurses Union, presents a compelling case. Her focus areas, including housing inequities, mental health, affordable healthcare, and social justice, align well with LACMA's commitment to community health.


These endorsements reflect LACPAC's dedication to supporting candidates who understand and prioritize healthcare issues, thereby shaping a healthier future for our communities. We encourage our members to stay informed and engaged in these critical electoral processes.  To learn more and get involved, I urge you to visit:

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