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LACMA Presents $10,000 Check to LAPD Family Stricken with Cancer

The Los Angeles County Medical Association (LACMA) today announced a donation of $10,000 to Los Angeles police officer Michael Tomelloso and his wife Laura after the couple, parents of two sons, received stage-4 cancer diagnoses within weeks of each other. Laura first received the diagnosis after a February colonoscopy revealed colon cancer that had metastasized into ovarian cancer. A month and a half later, Mike had a biopsy that determined that 20 year LAPD veteran had throat cancer. The couple has two sons, Mike Jr. and Matthew, who has special needs. Upon hearing the news of the tragic story and mounting medical bills, LACMA leadership knew this was a place for LACMA’s Docs4LA initiative to take action. “LACMA created the Docs4LA initiative to unite local physicians in addressing community issues, said Dr. Omer Deen, president of LACMA. “Our special relationship with the LAPD, coupled with this unique and tragic circumstance led LACMA and the Docs4LA leadership to respond with this donation. Our physicians support and serve their patients and the L.A. community in so many different ways, and we hope that this serves to alleviate some of the challenges the Tomelloso and the LAPD family is facing.” “During their battle with cancer, which consists of ongoing medical treatments, surgeries, and hospitalizations, they have an exhausting challenge in completing simple tasks,” the LAPD Central Traffic Division said in a statement. “They have been relying on friends, neighbors, and church members in making life less challenging with their daily tasks and making their medical appointments.”

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