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Help for an Unsung Physician Hero

Dr. Jaime Lopez, a beloved Boyle Heights physician, who’s delivered more than 10,000 babies, is hoping the public will help him find a kidney donor. The 69-year-old has taught pre-med students and has been the volunteer doctor for the St. Paul High School football team in Santa Fe Springs for more than 30 years. Lopez's selfless way of living has always left a mark wherever he goes - and it shows in his own family.

"A lot of my friends have been his patients," said his daughter Celeste Avina. "He's just so passionate about his job."

However, Lopez is now in a position where he is the one who needs help. He has several health conditions, including chronic kidney disease.

That's why he's in search of a kidney donor.

"[In] 2019, I suffered a silent heart attack and that stressed my kidneys," said Lopez. "We are trying to do this preemptively and that is before I would need to go on dialysis."

His condition has taken a toll on his family, who continues to hold on to hope.

"It's hard," said Avina. "It's been very challenging because my daughters love him. I just want him to be healthy. You just hope nothing negative happens."

Last year, Lopez was placed on a transplant list through the Living Donor program at the University of Southern California. Friends, family members and others have tried to donate a kidney to the beloved doctor, but no one has been a match. He needs donors with blood type A.

Now, the family has hit a roadblock and is pleading and praying for help in finding a match.

"It's very touching," said Lopez. "I have found out through the years that I've actually had former patients that have gone down to see if they were a candidate. I hope and pray every night that the donor will be found."

Let’s rally behind Dr. Lopez! I’m asking our members, supporters, business partners and friends to step up! Here is link to Keck Medical Center of USC Living Donor Program:

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