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2023's Top Recruitment Marketing Trends

Recruitment marketing was a big topic of conversation in recruitment circles in 2022. But just how important will it be going forward? And can it solve the challenges that recruitment teams are likely to face in 2023? Here are some of the changes and trends to expect in the coming year.

Candidates will continue to prioritize remote and hybrid work

In 2022 recruitment teams and business leaders across the globe learned how to drive business growth while encouraging a flexible approach to work. For many job seekers (63 percent), “a top factor in their decision to accept a job offer is whether the job is remote, hybrid, or in-person.”1 In light of this data, companies that aren’t encouraging a flexible work approach could see their employer brands suffer.

With job markets no longer restricted to companies’ local areas, remote work has led to further globalization. Candidates are applying for jobs across the world, and organizations are seeing employees leave for opportunities that offer higher salaries, a better quality of life, and more flexibility. Employee retention has been a major theme of 2022, with many recruiters switching their attention from recruiting new talent to engaging existing employees.

Diversity hiring remains top of mind for employers and job seekers

In one recent survey of job seekers and employees, 78 percent of respondents said that “a diverse workforce is an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers.”2 A diverse and inclusive workforce is now longer an option for employers but a requirement. Building a strong employer brand through recruitment marketing can help a company achieve this.

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