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4.12.24 | UCLA FSPH Paul Torrens Health Forum: "Caring for Caregivers”

Event Details

Using a very broad definition of caregiver, this health forum will examine workforce challenges facing health systems. Three years of working beyond capacity has left doctors, nurses, administrators, and all affiliated staff feeling increased levels of burnout and disengagement.

The UCLA Fielding School of Public Health and Center for Healthcare Management at UCLA are pleased to present the Paul Torrens Health Forum at UCLA. Named in honor of Dr. Paul Torrens who devoted his career to bridging the academic and practice worlds, this public program provides a venue to debate and discuss critical issues in public health.

Dr. Torrens began holding free monthly forums, now named in his honor, to bring together public health leaders, community groups, faculty and students. Today, the Paul Torrens Health Forum is a respected source of discovery and conversation about the prevailing public health issues of the day.

Recent topics have included transportation and homelessness through a public health lens. Featuring a panel of experts and a robust question and answer session, the Paul Torrens Health Forum draws a knowledgeable and engaged audience who cares deeply about the future of public health.

To join the Paul Torrens Health Forum distribution list and receive information about upcoming sessions, please email by clicking HERE.

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