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2023 Association Elections

Many thanks to all the members that participated in this year’s election process. Congratulations to the newly-elected board leaders! We look forward to your leadership this upcoming year and are excited to see the great things to come.


  • President - Dr. Jerry P. Abraham

  • President-Elect – Dr. Po-Yin Samuel Huang

  • Treasurer – Dr. Heather Silverman

  • Secretary – Dr. Hector Flores


  • District 2 Councilor – Dr. Christopher Libby

  • District 5 Councilor – Dr. Karen Miotto

  • District 9 Councilor – Dr. Steve Sawelson

  • District 10 Councilor – Dr. Stephanie Booth

  • SCPMG Councilor – Dr. Lisa Firestone

  • Councilors-at-Large – Dr. George Fouras and Dr. Stacey Ludwig

  • Solo Small Group Practice Forum Councilor – Dr. Troy Elander

  • Young Physician Councilor – Dr. Nuriel Moghavem

  • CMA Trustee – Dr. Jerry P. Abraham

  • Resident/Fellow Councilor – Dr. Dayna Isaacs

  • Alternate Resident/Fellow Councilor - Dr. Annie Hoang

  • Medical Student Councilor – Justin Cheng

The proposed changes to the LACMA bylaws were also passed and the changes will take effect on July 1, 2023.

We also would like to recognize our outgoing Board members whose leadership, service, and dedication are appreciated and valued. Thank you for all you’ve done for LACMA and its members!

  • Dr. Cecilia Leggett

  • Dr. Sharon Jakus-Waldman

  • Dr. Anna Yap

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